Supporting Documentation: Percentage of Public Services and Procurement Canada-managed office space that is modernized each year to meet the current Government of Canada Workplace Fit-up Standards


Total by fiscal year of m2r space modernized (A) divided by generic office space portfolio (B) times 100. (A / B x 100 = % of m²r saved through conversion to Government of Canada Workplace Fit-up Standard per fiscal year).


Modernized space is defined as space fit-up in line with the Government of Canada Workplace Fit-up Standards. It includes approved non-compliant elements either approved through the regions at the project level or by the national service lead Workplace Solutions or ADM Real Property for national program requests. The modernized space is to include WI-FI and adequate IT infrastructure to meet client requirements, unless this is not feasible or viable. Projects which solely consist of a Wi-Fi upgrade to a space recently modernized are not to be included in the amount of space modernized (to avoid duplication in counting the amount of space).

Note: The Fiscal Year 2021/22 modernization area does not include the following:

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