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Further Details on Data Content

Please note that any exceptions or precisions to the field definitions provided in the data dictionary that are specific to this dataset are outlined below.


Although this field usually represents a unique identifier associated with a designated banking facility for processing deposits for a specific government department, for expired authorization numbers it may occasionally contain erroneous data that doesn't conform to the standard.


Release notes ordered by date, of all the object codes changes that occurred in 2016-2017 fiscal year.
Department number Date Status Note
064 2016-01-06 Suspended This entity is closed as of December 31, 2015 pursuant to the Order in Council 2015-1042. 
176 2016-03-31 Activated New department created under the Economic Action Plan 2015 Act, No. 1, Division 10.

Please note that a department number of 999 indicates a suspense account held at the Bank of Canada.


This field identifies the financial institution number associated with the transaction. A complete list of financial institutions and their corresponding Financial Institution (FI) Account Financial Institution Number can be found within the Financial Institutions Branch Directory on the Payments Canada website. Please note that numbers less than 0900 will have a preceding zero, followed by the three digit Financial Institution Number assigned by Payments Canada. Numbers greater than 0900 represent foreign financial institutions that are no longer actively used by the Receiver General. Additionally, for expired authorization numbers, this field may contain other erroneous data that does not conform to the standard.


The product identifier code indicates the type of deposit facilities. The following table outlines commonly used products.
Product English description
00000001 Cash and cheque deposits
00000003 Cheque issue location
00000004 Revenue trust account
00000006 Canada Revenue Agency cash and cheque deposits
00000008 Paper bill payments for the Canada Revenue Agency
00000009 Revenue Quebec account
00000010 Pre-authorized debits
00000011 Tendered Canada Revenue Agency deposits
00000014 Exceptional cash and cheque deposits
00000015 Electronic bill payments for the Canada Revenue Agency
00000016 Electronic bill payments for the Canada Revenue Agency
00000017 Electronic and paper-based bill payments
00000018 Bank of Canada Deposits
00000019 Bank of Canada miscellaneous deposits
00000020 Paper bill payments for the Canada Revenue Agency
00000021 Paper bill payments for the Canada Revenue Agency
00000022 Pre-authorized debit returns
00000023 Foreign currency deposits
00000024 Debit and credit card acceptance
00000025 Paper bill payments for the Canada Border Services Agency and Canada Revenue Agency
00000026 Wire payments
00000031 Foreign Imprest Accounts
00000035 Wire transfers and direct deposits
00000040 Electronic bill payments for the Canada Border Services Agency
00000041 Debit and credit card acceptance

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