Supporting Documentation: Major transfer payments by province and territory as per the Public Accounts of Canada

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General notes


Under the header "TYPE_EN", element "Other" was changed to "Other major transfers".


The title of the table was changed from "Certain Transfer Payments by Province" to "Major Transfer Payments by Province".



Under the header "TYPE_EN", element "Canada health transfer and Canada social transfer" was divided into the two following elements: "Canada health transfer"; and "Canada social transfer". The total amount of these two new elements corresponds to that of the initial element.

2011 to 2016

Certain comparative figures have been reclassified to conform to the presentation of the years in question.

2011 to 2017

Under the header "TYPE_EN", element "Alternative payments for standing programs" was replaced by "Quebec abatement". It is comprised of federal tax abated under the Alternative Payments for Standing Programs and the Youth Allowance Program of that province.


Under the header "TYPE_EN", element "Employment insurance benefits" was modified to read "Employment insurance".


Under header "TYPE_EN", element "Canada Emergency Response Benefit" was added.




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