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Further Details on Data Content

Please note that any exceptions or precisions to the field definitions provided in the data dictionary that are specific to this dataset are outlined below.


The various payments that are issued by departments are grouped and administered under a unique payment product code. Therefore, the product code identifies the nature or reason of a payment. Notwithstanding, product codes are fluid by nature and may vary according to client needs. As such, the dataset may be amended to reflect new values at a later date.

Product-Code-Code-De-Produit English Description
2320000000 RCMP Pension
2390000000 Judges Pension
2420000000 Canadian Forces Pension
2420000010 Canadian Forces Pension
2440000000 Public Service Pension
3020000000 Old Age Security
3030000000 Canada Pension Plan Payments
3040000000 Veterans Affairs Canada Disability Benefits 
3060000000 War Veterans Allowance Payments
3070000000 Veterans Independance Program
3080000000 Veterans Affairs Canada
3090000000 Veterans Affairs Financial Benefits
3530000000 CPP International Agreements
3540000000 OAS International Agreements
4000000000 General Accounts Payable
4320000000 Government Annuities
4332400242 GST Visitor / Cdn Refunds
4332400248 GST Visitor / Us Refunds


A complete list of legal department names and their respective numbers.


The Government of Canada uses a fiscal calendar that runs from April to March.  The following is a list of fiscal months and their corresponding calendar month

Fiscal-Month-Mois-Fiscal Calendar Month
1 April
2 May
3 June
4 July
5 August
6 September
7 October
8 November
9 December
10 January
11 February
12 March


A 2-character code that identifies the destination country for the grouping of payment transactions. Country codes are listed under ISO 3166, these codes are maintained by the International Standards organization (ISO).


A 3-character code that identifies the currency of the grouping of payment transactions. Currency codes are listed under ISO 4217, these codes are maintained by the International Standards organization (ISO).

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